First off, congrats to Cardi B. She is on a roll and from the looks of how things are going for Cardi, slowing down is not an option. Within the past two years Cardi B has solidified her name in the music industry. Love in Hip Hop cast member, two mix tapes, #1 song Bodak Yellow, a number of chart topping singles, head lining concerts and a dope ass marriage proposal, to now dropping her debut album and finally addressing her pregnancy rumors. 

Well I have been and still is a Cardi B fan, so it was only right I copped the album and listened to it from start to finish. Actually, I listened to it a couple of times but I did mention before I am Cardi B fan.

Track #1 Get up 10: Hard! I feel like it gives me the Meek Mills "dreams and nightmares kinda intro feel / Tee Grizzly " first day out type of vibe. Like Cardi was in her true feelings expressing her come up into the game and reminding people it was not easy but being real and staying true to yourself can go far.

Track #2 Drip ft the Migos:  In every album or mix tape you need a club banger and a radio hit song and Cardi has done it once again with track.

Track #3 Bickenhead: You can't not like this song, her take on the hit song Chicken Head by Project Pat was epic. "That guap gaup, get some chicken, guap guap get some bread". If that don't motivate you then I don't know what will.

Of course, Bodak Yellow and Bardier Cardi tracks went on the album as well.

The song "Best Life " ft Chance The Rapper I feel like Cardi is most happy with how things are playing out for her. Hard work and staying true to yourself pays off.

Sza and Kehlani has made appearances on the album as well. She needed some feel good music for the ladies.

One of my favorite songs on the album I have to say is the track " I like it" the beat is fun and the hook is catchy. Bad Bunny and J Balvin did they thing on this track as well.  Cardi B definitely represented for her culture.

Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records

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