DJ Khaled has been motivating adults with his words of wisdom that he calls “Major Key.” So it’s only right that he inspires the kiddies with his mogul talk. Enter the DJ Khaled doll.

Relax, there's no real doll. But if it every existed, it would look exactly like the one in the hilarious parody video made by Max Goodrich. In his YouTube video, which mimics the ‘80s Care Bears toy ads, the We the Best CEO is immortalized as a doll that talks. Press his jewelry and he says many of his classic phrases like “You Smart,” “I Appreciate You” and “You Loyal.”

One hilarious moment comes when the little girl gives the Khaled doll a drink of apple-flavored Ciroc (sold separately). Another added bonus with the doll is that when you give it a hard squeeze, it says, "Another One."

Although the video is a parody, Goodrich may be onto something. We are not sure if DJ Khaled has seen the video, but we wouldn't be surprise if the Miami DJ-producer starts calling toy companies to see if a doll could be made. Hey, anything can happen.

Either way, watch the hilarious video above.