The one person you can always count on to protect you from errant footballs, fender benders and other assorted bumps, bruises, scrapes and cuts is your dad.

The 2014 Hyundai Genesis 'Dad's Sixth Sense' Super Bowl commercial shows a dad's intuition and his efforts to keep his son safe from mishaps and harm. There's an acoustic and upbeat song with the appropriate lyrics "You can count on me" supporting a lot of "Whew! Disaster averted!" action. What is it?

Why, it's Bruno Mars' addictively catchy 'Count on Me.' That makes sense, simply because the song is awesome and fits all of the happenings in the spot, and Mars is this year's Halftime performer. He is all over the Super Bowl. The song appears on his 2010 debut 'Doo-Wops + Hooligans,' and it has been used in a Blue Cross Blue Shield Association commercial previously.

It honestly feels like this commercial should be repeated on Father's Day, since it celebrates all those times that dear ol' dad saves the day, which is often when you are under 18!