When it comes to Hustle Simmons defending himself against an attack, the guy is no slouch at all. He proves this in newly released footage that showcases men in rapper Bleu Davinci's crew attempting to beat him up.

It all went down over the weekend at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where Simmons was hosting his annual Hustlepalooza showcase. Maybach Music Group rapper Tracy T wanted to perform but apparently, there wasn't enough time for him to get onstage and a verbal confrontation took place between Simmons and Davinci's crew.

The argument quickly turned physical when someone from Davinci's entourage punched Simmons and other men continued to jump in. It sounds like Simmons was completely done for, right? Wrong. He quickly turned the tables and started beating up the guys who jumped him. In fact, each person that punched Simmons was met with instant resistance.

By the looks of it, Davinci's crew seem to be more overwhelmed than Simmons, since they failed to knock the big guy off his feet. The only thing they were able to do to slow him down was grab his dreadlocks. They even tried to hit him with a speaker.

When the rumble was over, Simmons walked away unscathed and addressed the crowd. "I put this s--- on for you all," he said. "I don't give a f--- about a BMF or none of that motherf---in' s---. I'm a grown ass f---in' man. I don't disrespect them. You don't disrespect me. I'll fight every n---- on this motherf----er. I ain't never no bitch so when you come to s--- like this, respect the f---in' stage. Everywhere you go, act like a f---in' king or queen."

Watch footage of the incident above and check out the rest of Simmons' words.

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