I can usually get away with running out on my porch with sleep pants and a t-shirt on to grab my morning paper this time of year. This morning, however, was a much different story. I was in for a rude awakening as I felt sharp, points of pain all around my body. My man-nipples were cutting some serious glass. My thermometer read -18 degrees. Ouch!

Many people are left without sufficient funds to kick on the heater as bills could run up as much as $400 in the winter months. There are different things you can do to stay warm and healthy in the cold season that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Layers, Layers, Layers – It’s a no-brainer, but not too many people are willing to risk fashion for thermal underwear, triple layer socks and big winter hats to stay warm.

Cover Tile Floors – If your tile floors are freezing your tootsies, invest in a few area rugs that will absorb some of the coldness.

Space Heater – These things are great and surprisingly inexpensive. If you have children or pets, put them in a tough-to-get-to place. I also suggest you take a look at models with built in timers so you don’t forget to turn it off (could be a fire hazard if left on).

Cook At Home – Captain Obvious will tell you cooking at home will keep you from having to brave the elements to grab a bite to eat. Yes, but, oven cooking will also indirectly warm up your home or apartment. Once your meal is complete and the oven is turned off, keep it cracked open afterwards to allow heat circulation.

Clean The House – For a lazy a** like myself, this is the last line of defense, although effective. When you’re stretching, bending, scrubbing, spraying and moving your body, you’ll get warmer.