So, how many of you are disgusted as I am about this gentleman being given only 6 months for raping a schoolmate and throwing her behind a trash can?! 

Is it because he went to Stanford? Was on the swim team? What about the gentlemen a few months ago on the football team who took turns assaulting a fellow student and are looking at life?! Two of those assailants were black.The letter this guy's father wrote is even more disgusting and I see why he thinks it's OK to victimize, and then play the victim.

It's a shame, and the student body at Stanford should be outraged but I'm sure this won't get as much attention as the gorilla being shot.

If you didn't catch the Breakfast Club this morning, you missed out on a real deep topic!

Does skin color or finances play a big part in our justice system? So, this is the America we live in, huh?

Do you think this was a just sentence?

The link below is from today's New York Post.