Throwbacks are a fav of mine, I don't care what day of the week. I had an old R&B ditty pop into my head today so I had to share. It def is a girly song, but guys, you may enjoy it too.

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Taking it back with that sexy diva, Karyn White. Not sure why, but this song jumped into my mind and took me back to my Sophomore year of high school, when I moved to the Mohonasen school district. Hip hop and R&B was quickly taking over Mtv and slowly the radio airwaves. Mix in Cross Colours clothing, the classic comedy show "In Living Color", Eddie Murphy's "Boomerang", Naughty by Nature, PM Dawn & Kid n Play just to name a few big names, and we think of the early 90's.

Sometimes I have a girly moment, I can't always be rockin the hip hop videos when I take it back. So sit back and relax and enjoy, "Romantic" by Karyn White. Hey!!  I am just prepping you all for Valentine's Day I suppose!! Happy Tuesday!