Hot 99.1 is looking for local mixers to be featured on-air!  Want to be a part of Hot 99.1's Mix-orial Day Weekend?

You have until 3pm on Wednesday May 23rd to submit your stuff below.  If you do not follow these guidelines, you will not be considered:

  • Segments can not include local, unsigned artists. (Any local artist looking for airplay or exposure can email the Hot 99.1 Program Director)
  • Segments can not include ANY profanity.
  • An accurate track listing must be submitted with each segment.
  • You must submit 2 segments - one exactly 30 minutes, one exactly 20 minutes.
  • Segments may not contain any talking or dj name drops.

Voting will take place at on Thursday May 24th.  The mixers with the most votes at the end of the day will be featured on-air this Memorial Day.