This weekend you can get a free car wash for helping out a great cause.

The pandemic has been tough for many financially, and with so many out of work, a strain has been put on our local food banks to keep meals on the table for those in need. You can help our local food banks out, and get a free car wash for doing so this weekend.

Hoffman's Car Wash is holding their car wash drive this Saturday and Sunday. All you need to do is donate a non-perishable food item at any local Hoffman's location, and in return, you will get an Ultimate Exterior wash with tire shine. All the food items that Hoffman's collects will be donated to local food banks.

This right here is what you call a win-win. Most importantly you can help out a great cause, specifically those in need right here in our neighborhoods in the Capital Region. Along the way, you also take care of one of your errands and save a little money doing so by getting that wash for some items you already have stashed in your pantry. Ya also gotta love how Hoffman's is doing something pretty generous to give back to the communities they serve. I guess that actually makes this a win-win-win, right?

If you are ready to get your free wash and help out our local food banks this weekend, Hoffman's has seventeen locations throughout the Capital Region and you can find one near you here.

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