Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker was at a campaign rally that played a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song and Krayzie Bone had some issues with it.

On Friday (Nov. 18), a clip surfaced of GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker at a campaign rally doing some sort of moonwalk/pop-locking move while Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's classic song "Tha Crossroads" is playing in the background. BTNH member Krayzie Bone caught wind of the video and was not feeling Walker's dance move or the use of the group's tune.

"Yoooo what the hell is he doing?" tweeted Krayzie in regards to the Herschel Walker video.

A fan noted that Bone Thugs probably didn't give Walker permission to use their song at his rally.

"Mannnnnn I know this was not cleared at all big dawg [tears of joy emoji][cry laughing emoji] wth," he wrote.

In response, Krayzie replied, "Hell no it wasn’t and what the hell he doing, dancing? Smh [man facepalming emoji]."

Krayzie then responded to a fan who posted a meme featuring a comedian portraying a rapper demanding that an artist gets kicked off a song.

"Exactly lol. I’m still tryna figure out was he trying to pop lock or something [man shoulder shrug emoji] you can’t pop lock to cross roads man."

In the end, Krayzie Bone was not happy with Herschel Walker's dancing and the use of the group's song at his rally.

"Gone have to have a lil talk with Hershel," he tweeted.

We can only speculate that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will most likely slap Herschel Walker with a cease-and-desist order banning him from playing any of their music at his campaign rallies.

This is not uncommon. Back in 2018, Pharrell Williams hit then-presidential candidate Donald Trump with a cease-and-desist letter barring him from playing his jovial hit "Happy" while on his campaign trail.

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