Happy Humps Cap Region!! Beautiful day today ain't it?? But once it hits nighttime, it has been getting chilly willy out there, hasn't it?? BUT... I will not give in, I refuse to put the heat on just yet...

Bonfires were set to ensure the sun would return after a long winter.
b0jangles, Flickr

Have you succumbed to the chill?? Sounds like many of you have, as I have been hearing people talking about how they put their heat on!

Come on kids, save those dollarz and bundle up!! Extra blankets at night! Extra layers. Close the windows! Keep your clothes on, damn it !! Or don't! And find someone to warm up to!

I have a new roommate and  I asked him last night,  "Are you ok with the heat not being on?" And he responded, "Do you mean tonight or all year long?" I literally laughed out loud, "Of course I will put the heat on, just not yet!!" We both agreed we are good without heat right now AND we hate the winter!

So, honestly, whatever you do, is up to you....I just know I am not giving mo' money to Natty Grid just yet!! And I'm trying to look out for your wallet.

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