As Jay Z and Beyonce tour the world with the "On The Run" Tour, HBO gears up for the release of their concert footage, giving us a sneak peek of the official concert trailer that will appear on HBO!


Jay Z and Beyonce are rumored to be having some marital problems, even possibly in couples therapy in between concert dates. But that doesn't seem to slow down the power couple that's "On The Run!"

Beyonce teamed up with HBO before for the "Life is But a Dream" concert documentary which was a great move for HBO. It turned out to be the most watched music special for the network in over ten years. Now HBO is airing the Beyonce: X10 clips of The Mrs. Carter World Tour. And in September, HBO will cover the Stade de France concerts in Paris September 12 & 13.

Two more months before the "On The Run" concert is set to air on HBO, that is if you haven't forked up the cash money to check them out live already! The trailer of the concert footage can be watched right here to get us all amped up for B & J!

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