So the NBA season begins on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, with 3 games on the schedule, but the Knicks' first game is Wednesday. Did you know tickets are available?

Yes! I was poking around the popular ticket site StubHub and discovered that as of the time I write this, there are 1,981 tickets left. And they start as low as $172.33.

Now, by the time you get there, perhaps tickets will be slightly more or slightly less, but that's actually pretty good for the nosebleed section at Madison Square Garden, and it being the home opener versus the Chicago Bulls.

If more than $100 per ticket is way too much for your budget - and trust me, I definitely understand - you can still see Carmelo and the Knicks on Sunday, November 2 as they host the new-look Charlotte Hornets. Tickets can be had for $59.09 - much more reasonable for a NBA game.

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