Sports are supposed to be fun, and Buffalo Bills' WR Gabriel Davis seems to understand this concept pretty well.

Davis is known for a few things as a young, soon-to-be superstar wide receiver in the NFL. First and foremost, he's extremely talented, and will be a huge part of the Bills for years to come. He's also become known for the creative designs that he has imprinted on his cleats, which he then wears during games. Last season, he wore cleats with the images of comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer on them, and proceeded to score four touchdowns in a game.

This year, he went a different route with his custom cleats, and the result wasn't exactly the same this time around.

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Gabriel Davis Shows Off "The Office" Themed Cleats Against Miami

A photo began circulating around Twitter over the weekend, showing the most recent cleat creation to be worn by Buffalo Bills' wide receiver, Gabriel Davis, in an upcoming game.

The design in question featured two famous stills from the legendary NBC sitcom, The Office. Here's what they looked like:

Okay, let's get this out of the way right away. These are awesome, and I would outbid all of you at an auction to make these part of my sports memorabilia collection. I'd buy a nice, glass case to keep them in, so you couldn't tell they

Unfortunately, however, the results weren't quite as stellar as the time that Davis featured Segura and Kreischer's 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast on his feet.

Davis' performance on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins was much more modest. Of the six balls thrown his way, he hauled in three of them for 37 yards and no touchdowns. He did come close to punching one in, but ended up dropping the ball near the goal line.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Davis playing versus Miami, with his 'Office" themed cleats on display / Getty Images

So, let's get controversial: did the Prison Mike/Jim and Dwight cleats cost Davis, and Buffalo, the game?

No, of course they didn't. As I mentioned above, sports are supposed to be fun, which is why I hope that Davis continues to wear customized gear as long as he plays in the NFL. Not only that, but I hope that other plays start to take notes, and try to out-Davis the Buffalo wideout in the style category.

That all being said, maybe Davis should hang-up the Office-themed cleats for the time being. We can't risk having the bad mojo continue in Upstate New York.

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