It looks like Gucci Mane caught a lucky break with his three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to a firearm charge. According to TMZ, the embattled rapper will be released from prison a year early -- in December 2016.

Mane was sentenced last week to 39-months in prison but an Atlanta judge gave Gucci a year's worth of credit for time served since his arrest for gun possession last September.

Once the 'Lemonade' rapper is released from prison he has to serve three years of probation and will not be allowed to travel for more than seven days unless he gets permission from his probation officer. Mane's attorney also suggest that he be enrolled in a California rehab facility so he can stay away from negative influences in Atlanta.

Despite being incarcerated, La Flare continues to release new music. Just last week, Mane dropped a new album called 'Brick Factory Vol. 2.'