If Gucci Mane is looking to write new music, he'll have to do so from inside a jail cell for the next few years. After being arrested last September for carrying a handgun and marijuana, the rapper has pleaded guilty to gun possession, which carries a lengthy sentence.

TMZ reports that the Atlanta native admitting to being in possession of a concealed firearm by a convicted felon. A conviction of this charge means that he could get a maximum of 10 years of prison time. However, due to his plea deal, Gucci will only be expected to face 39 months (more than two-and-a-half years) in jail -- subtracting the 10 months he has already served in the slammer.

This means that the Brick Squad leader will not be out of jail until 2016. Additionally, he also faces a $250,000 fine. His official sentencing will take place in July.

During his arrest last year, Gucci was taken into custody for disorderly conduct due to cursing and threatening officers when they approached him. As a precautionary measure, cops took him to a hospital following his arrest.