Gucci Mane just can't seem to catch a break in those Atlanta streets.

It would help if he was more attentive to his probation regulations.

On Friday (April 12), the Brick Squad 1017 founder was bonded out of jail after having assaulted a fan -- who also happened to be a U.S. soldier -- in an Atlanta nightclub last month.

Gucci was locked up from March 26 to April 12. After his last hearing, the judge set a $75,000 bond. Between himself and his lawyer, the rapper pulled the 75 K together and he was a free man.

Less than 24 hours later though, Gucci was back in lockup for failing to appear in court for a previous misdemeanor that he'd caught across town in DeKalb County.

At this point, it'd be too easy to poke fun at Gucci Mane's situation -- we just want him to lock himself in the studio once things even out.

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