Gucci Mane and Zaytoven have been collaborators for years, the duo helped forge the sound of contemporary trap music. From hits like 2005's "Icy" and Gucci's 2016 comeback track "First Day Out," these two have been proven to make magic time and time again.

And to celebrate their music, Gucci Mane and Zaytoven performed a special set called Piano Nights: Gucci Mane and Zaytoven on Tuesday night (May 16) at The Box in New York City's Lower East Side. Transforming the space into an intimate piano bar, the show brought industry heads and fans together to see how the rapper and producer put a new spin to their hip-hop tracks.

Gucci Mane Zaytoven Piano Nights Setlist
Emily Tan for The Boombox

The almost 38-minute set brought the audience to its feet as they rapped along with Gucci and Zaytoven was at the baby grand piano. While some thought it would be a purely keys-driven experience, many of the songs included tracks to fill in some of the quiet spaces. As Gucci and Zaytoven flowed from one song to the next, it seemed to stir up memories for everyone.

Midway through the set, Zaytoven explained the birth of "First Day Out," one of his favorite collaborations.

"I want to do a song with no hook on it," he said. "I give him the beat and he started rapping, 'I'm starting my day with a blunt of purp.' And as he's rapping, the hair on my arms starts standing up. So I know for a fact this is my favorite rapper in the world right here."

If you weren't able to catch the performance or see it streamed live on Red Bull Music Academy's YouTube channel. You can still catch the performance on there now. It will be up for the next 30 days.

See the set in its entirety below.


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