A longtime staple in Downtown Albany hasn't been without some issues. Now, after being one of the first bars in the Warehouse District, Graney's Stout as we know it is closing.

Graney's Stout was temporarily closed on May 1, according to the Times Union. The State Liquor Authority (SLA) raided the bar a few days before that and found dozens of teenagers inside. In order to keep their liquor license, among many things, they are to stay closed for another 40 days and pay a $300,000 fine.

They've had quite a few issues within the last couple of years so Mike Graney, principal owner, has decided to leave the business and give up his stake. SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley said in a meeting, “Without all these changes, we would be shutting this place."

With this change, the other stakeholders have decided to change the name, as well as redo the interior completely and change the concept. They haven't announced the name yet but say that they will within the next coming weeks. They're hoping the new concept will be more of a restaurant and more adult-friendly than what they've attracted in the past.

In the new location, after 43 SLA violations, they are no longer allowed to host "College Nights," must purchase an electronic ID scanner, and have licensed guards at the door.

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