If you've been up in Lake George over the summer, the car may be familiar to you. Well, Glens Falls High School students spotted it and it made quite the prom picture.

I don't hide the fact that I love my Uncle's car obsession. If you're a fan of the National Lampoon movies starring Chevy Chase, then you'll be a fan too. I've written about his car before and how it quickly became a must-take picture when you're walking through Lake George Village.

Well, the truckster has its own Facebook page and recently he shared how he became part of the memories of a younger generation. Apparently, the Glens Falls High School Junior Prommers got a kick out of the truckster. Instead of having the beautiful Lake George as their backdrop, they decided on the Lake George Family Truckster.

If you want a picture of or a picture with the truckster, it'll be all over Lake George Village, make sure you share it on their Facebook page.

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