George Zimmerman just keeps on proving why he is a scum bag. The latest Zimmerman sighting was at an appearance as a "guest of honor".  He actually sat at a table to sign autographs and posed for pictures with his “fans” at a Florida gun show over the weekend.

Why George Zimmerman actually has fans is questionable in itself ? Only a few people showed up to meet the man responsible for killing 17-year-old and unarmed Trayvon Martin. A couple that were one of the few to line up to meet the 30-year-old said he appeared “nervous and actually a little scared to be there.”

It was pretty weird to meet him in person — and wow, he has gained a lot of weight!

His on-again, off-again girlfriend who accused of him pointing a gun at her, Samantha Scheibe, also came out to support Zimmerman; who signed pictures of himself with his dog, telling some of his “fans,”

Everything’s good. We’re having fun. I’m just here to meet supporters.

When as a society did we become "fans" of real life killers ? This is sad.