Is Game gaming the IRS?

The rapper told TMZ that he writes off "damn near everything" on his taxes including strip clubs and medical marijuana. "I be writing off -- you can damn near write off anything, man,” Game told the celebrity hub. “You can write off strip club, making it rain. You can write that off. That’s No. 1…No. 2, you can write off J’s. Buying Jordans. No. 3, you can write off buying medical marijuana…That's a good one... I’m trying to keep myself alive out here."

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, according to Forbes, his tax advice is more like tax fraud.

According to Forbes writer Kelly Phillips Erb, “To claim a deduction for business expenses, the Internal Revenue Service requires, at Section 162 of the Tax Code, that it be ‘ordinary and necessary.’”

The writer states that while a strip club visit may be considered “ordinary” for Game due to his career as a rapper, it’s unclear if such a visit falls under the “necessary” category. She asks the question: "I suspect that paying a stripper is pretty ordinary in the entertainment/rap business… but is it necessary?"