One of Compton’s favorite sons, Game, has volunteered to assist pants-saggers on the opposite coast line. Wildwood, New Jersey will start enforcing an anti-pants-sagging law starting next month. Game (who isn’t a fan of wearing his pants on his waist) weighed in on the new ordinance with TMZ.

“I am with the sagging movement,” Game said. “The first five people to get fines, I will pay their tickets… I will go there and sag cause I am a sagging Sagittarius.”

I doubt he’s serious about that rationalization. I think it’s more likely that Game sees it as an opportunity to broadcast his anti-establishment views. “N---as should sag down to their socks out there. They trying to get people to not sag, please. Can’t tell people how to wear their f---ing clothes. What time are we in? This aint the f---ing slave days. F--- that.”

He raises a decent point. Do my pants sag? More often than not, yes. Do people give me sh-t about it? Yes, weekly. I understand that some people don’t like it, but that’s their opinion. I wear boxers. It’s not like you see dudes sagging their pants while rockin’ a thong with their cheeks exposed.

Girls wear tube tops, mini skirts, tank tops, bikini tops and other clothing items that are far more revealing (and potentially “offensive”) than a dude sagging his drawers. For me, it’s about comfort. I like to wear baggy pants. Sorry if you don’t like it.