Making sure his strong buzz doesn't diminish any, Futurereleased a free mixtape titled 'Monster,' just four months after dropping his sophomore LP 'Honest.'

The 16-track offering, produced largely by Metro Boomin, who's worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug and others, has all new songs, and picks up right were the gruffed voice vocalist left off, incorporating an effective mix of rapping and singing.

Like in the title track 'Monster,' where he uses a sing-songy rap cadence to talk about his flashy lifestyle.

"All my n----s some junkies, they keep that bread on 'em dog / Your little ho is a monkey, she got a head on her dog / Caught a flight out of London, I can't see nothing but stars / It don't f--- with my conscious I serve my auntie that raw," he spits.

And on 'After That,' featuring Lil Wayne, producers TM-88 and Southside create a percussion heavy track, complete with ringing chimes and faint bell sounds, but they still leave enough room for both rappers to talk trash, speak of their sexual escapades, and throw in a little tough talk for proper measure.

"Talk s---, get back for that / She suck my d---, we don't kiss after that / Got to watch my own back, f--- around and get stabbed in that / Hollygrove my habitat, wish I could bring Rabbit back / Hundreds shots come after that, call a ho a ho and a rat a rat," rhymes Weezy.

'Monster' features a who's who of some of today's hottest beat-makers including DJ Plugg, Dun Deal, DJ Dahi and DJ Spinz.

But it's Future who's clearly the star on the mixtape, as he has a unique ability to take some of the most straightforward lyrics and make them vastly entertaining. Like on 'Monster's last song, 'Codeine Crazy,' where he talks about his love for the controversial, yet popular rap drink.

"I pull up with my rims nine times out of ten I can rip through your town with two grams and a pound / I grew up on the ground with dealers on hound," he spits.

Future's 'Monster' is bound to please his core fans and it might even snag him a couple of new ones as well.

Listen To Future's New Mixtape 'Monster'