After Angie Martinez announced her resignation from radio station Hot 97 and joined rival Power 105 this week, there was an air of sadness hanging over New York radio due to the radio personality's legendary career -- fans didn't know just where she'd end up. Perhaps emotions about her move got the best of both sides since Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex and Power's DJ Envy shot a round of nasty words at each other -- through Instagram -- Thursday (June 19).

Flex let off the first round by calling the younger radio personality a snitch after receiving a cease-and-desist letter, which he showcased on the social networking site.

"McGruff the Snitch, A.K.A lil power ranger always talking to police and lawyers sending over paperwork #Stoptalkingtopolice," Flex wrote.

Envy also took to Instagram to defend himself, and said he never uttered one word to the cops. He accuses Flex of being totally dishonest. "Now this is a Cease & Desist," he wrote along with the a photo of the full letter. "Full letter... No snitching, no police, no statements... this is a letter to a business... Stopping a coward from lying and making up stories... Any TRUE Dad or HUSBAND would do the same... Chess not checkers... @djfunkflex Your a lying, worthless, jealous, pathetic, old man... we all know your going thru a lot.. But lying is not the answer.."

The Power 105 DJ also said Funk Flex is tainting his own legacy. "You have been in this business to long to go out like a bitch!!!" Envy continued. "You are 55 years old acting like a child... Be truthful with yourself bruh.. you are killing your legacy... We know your not tough, your not a thug, no fists, no gunplay just a man that likes to DJ... Be that man... We are excited Angie is part of the team and will continue to celebrate that.... I will not respond to your shenanigans again... Lights Out!!!

Flex will likely head to the airwaves to respond.