The acronym G.O.A.T. is thrown around a lot in sports, oftentimes, describing the sport's "greatest of all time" players.

The acronym has grown in popularity, and can be applied to just about everything in life; meals, jokes, even pranks. Ahead of the Army-Navy game, the cadets at Army in West Point, New York attempted the G.O.A.T. prank.

Unfortunately, it ended up being one of the "worst of all time", or W.O.A.T. pranks, instead.

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Meet Bill, the mascot for Navy.

Army vs Navy
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I know better than to ask if the mascot of NAVY is cute, so I'll instead ask, isn't he fierce and menacing?

There have been various goats that have played the role of "Bill" over the years, so many, in fact, that Navy currently finds themselves on Bill No. 37. While all goats do not look the same, they can be easily mistaken, and according to an ESPN article on the incident, that's exactly what happened to a group of Army cadets.

"U.S. Military Academy cadets traveled this weekend to a farm near Annapolis, Maryland, that is home to Navy mascot Bill, who belongs to a long line of goat mascots with the same name. Cadets gave chase to the spooked goats. And instead of grabbing Bill No. 37, they came away with Bill No. 34, a one-horned, 14-year-old retiree, according to The New York Times." - The Associated Press through ESPN

I have a few thoughts on this. Shocking, I know.

First and foremost, let me say that I do not envy the position that the young Army cadets were in. Trying to hunt down one goat amidst a group of goats, which can be called a herd, tribe or trip, sounds extremely difficult. One false move, and a flurry of cloven hooves are sent stampeding in every direction.

Army v Navy
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That being said, of ALL of the goats that the group could've grabbed, they grabbed the grandpa goat with ONE HORN?

There are very few identifying characteristics of a goat, but from what I can tell, the amount of horns atop their heads is a pretty strong place to start.

The incident, no matter how unsuccessful, has created quite a storm around both institutions ahead of the legendary Army-Navy football game this weekend. I'm sure Navy is quite perturbed by the entire thing.

Navy Mascot
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One could even say, the entire thing may their goat.

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