First-week album sales are a good indicator of success, especially for a new artist, but French Montana is managing his expectations. After dropping his debut LP, 'Excuse My French,' this week, the New York rapper is not expecting a huge sales week.

"Um, honestly, I really believe it’s not what you sell, but where you end up at,"
French told Ask Men. "I feel like it doesn’t matter how much I sell; I know what kind of product I have. It’s going to be legendary. I know it’s going to last forever. I know once people hear it, people will be like, 'Damn. This is really it.'"

He went on to explain how his project was comparable to other artists before him, who have had good track records. "Look at Akon," the 'Pop That' rhymer continued. "He sold 17,000 first week; he ended up selling five million copies. Look at Shaggy. He sold 10,000 and ended up at 10 million."

French also explained that his one regret on 'Excuse My French' was having to give up a Lana Del Rey collaboration. "There was this Lana Del Rey record that I had that I really wanted to be on the album," he shared. "It kind of worked out for the better, because we swapped it out for a Max B record. That meant more to me."