It's been a little over a month since Beanie Sigel was shot in the chest, and since then, all kinds of rumors have been swirling around, from the Philadelphia rapper losing a lung to actually passing away.

Thankfully, longtime friend and fellow State Property member Freeway stopped by RevoltTV to give everyone an update on Beans' condition.

According to the 'Diamond in the Ruff' rapper, 40-year-old Sigel is currently on the mend and should be doing better in a few months.

"It definitely was an unfortunate situation," he said. "We need everybody to keep giving prayers to Beans. He's coming along. He's home now. He's with his family. He's resting. He should be back [in] tip-top shape in a couple of months."

Philly Freezer also blasted the media for putting out false stories. He felt compelled to set the record straight since news of Beans dying spread around so quickly.

"The media, they gonna say what they gonna say anyway," he stated. "So if anything is too out of pocket, like when they said he died and all that, then you know, it was my duty to let the people know that he's still alive and to keep praying for him. But other than that, we good."

That's good to know. Get well, Beans!

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