Kendrick Lamar has been showing off his versatility again these past two days. He stole the show with his nutty guest verse on 's 'Love Game,' which leaked yesterday along with the rest of 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2.' Today it's back to street tales, fame and murder on his guest verse on GBE's Fredo Santana's 'Jealous.'

If Harold's Fried Chicken becomes a Twitter trending topic, Lamar's verse is to blame. Lamar flies a private jet to Chicago just to get fried chicken from the famed South Side-based franchise. He says Santana calls him, but he's too busy chowing down on some chicken to have a conversation. We've all been in that situation before.

The humor gets dropped for street-honed grit soon after. Lamar flies home to learn his little brother is killed and drowns his sorrows with liquor (not a new theme, but still works).

Santana comes in to perform his verse after a short, dramatic piano interlude. Is Fredo in the cut still a scary sight? Yes. The Chi-town rapper declares he's still rolling with the "same n----s [he] came with" and fills his "30 up with hollows." There's also that extremely weird thing that's going on with his eyes on the single cover.

'Trappin Ain't Dead,' Santana's forthcoming mixtape, is yet to have a release date, and hopefully it's not because of his burgeoning acting career.

Listen to Fredo Santana's 'Jealous' Feat. Kendrick Lamar