Few artists have been as consistent over the past few years than Freddie Gibbs. The Gary, Ind. D-Boy hits off fans fienfing for another fix with his new EP, Pronto.

The effort runs three tracks long and what it lacks in length, it makes up for with its potent quality and features Gibbs doing what he does best: deliver lyrically impressive raps while giving you a slice of the drug game.

The tape begins with the sinister-sounding title track and captures the rapper in a more aggressive mood than the more laid-back stylings of his previous album, Pinata. Produced by Mikhail & Pops, the beat is is carried by pounding drums, crisp snares and enough bass to shake a whole boulevard. "Thug Life, never die, n----, thug life, never die n---- / So bury me a muthaf---er G and put my muthaf---er chopper by my side, n----," and chanting "I'ma rider, so I ride for my n----s," on the hook, Gangsta Gibbs sounds more than ready for the drama.

"Diamonds" sees a more calmed down Gibbs reminiscing on his rags-to-riches come-up and stunting in his iced-out jewelry and riding out with some bad dames. "White Range" continues the vibe of "Diamonds," but ups the ante with its infectious, pimped-out soundbed and finds the rapper on cruise-control, delivering two vivid verses centered around his checkered past as a drug-dealing criminal and his complex dealings with the opposite sex.

Pronto may be an snack-pack compared to previous offerings in his catalog, but it's still pleasing to the musical palette if you're into some good ol' hip-hop.

Listen to Freddie Gibbs' Pronto EP

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