A few weeks ago Def Jam new comer and Odd Future member Frank ocean took to his Tumblr to release a one minute:forty five second video preview featuring a new song called 'TV' off of his debut album titled 'Channel Orange' and as of last week has released the cover art and track-listing for the album.

The video is very dark and the song very smooth and melodic. The camera panning around a car shrouded by darkness gives off a nice dramatic effect to the lyrics as you watch and listen. Check it out below...

Franks debut album 'Channel Orange' is set to release on July 17th and he has also released the Cover Art and the track-listing for us! I absolutely LOVE Frank Ocean by the way, I mean seriously 'Novacane' is one for the books and so is 'Thinking About You'. If those songs aren't enough to make you want to listen, he's also enlisted Andre 3000, John Mayer, and Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future to feature on the album! Here's the cover art and track-list:


Are you as excited as I clearly am for this album? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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