Frank Ocean's long-lost father has emerged just in time to sue his superstar son for $1 million, according to a tweet Ocean posted and then deleted today on Twitter.

The tweet read, "Father wanna sue me for a million. Like I owe him back child support. Weak individual bought me a swiss knife at 6yrs old then dipped on me." He elaborated in two more tweets that are still visible on his Twitter feed:



Ocean was raised by his mother, and as our friends at point out, back in June, Ocean tweeted, "Just found out my absent father’s been cyberstalking me. Hi dad." We can't imagine what sort of legal claim Ocean's dad believes he has, but we'll follow the lawsuit if it comes to fruition.

Ocean has written about growing up without a father in 'There Will Be Tears,' a track from his mixtape 'Nostalgia, Ultra.' Ocean sang that his "grandaddy" was "the only dad I'd ever know." The R&B singer's fame has exploded over the past year with the release of 'Channel Orange,' which earned critical acclaim and an Album of the Year Grammy nomination.

Listen to Frank Ocean, 'There Will Be Tears'