There seems to be a bunch of empty and vacant buildings around the Capital Region that used to have beloved Toys 'R' Us stores. Little by little they are starting have new stores occupy them. The Toys 'R' Us vacant building in Queensbury will soon be home to a new grocery store. According to The Post Star, they have started to convert the old building into an Aldi's on Upper Glen Street.

A couple of weeks ago, they began work inside the building. There are many repairs and conversions that need to be done in order for the new Aldi's to open by the end of the year. The store will house a bigger Aldi's that is currently located just a couple miles away. The Toys 'R' Us building is twice the size of the current Aldi's.

The new Aldi's will have open ceilings, be built with environmentally friendly materials, have natural lighting, and more storage for fresh produce, meat and dairy. It will also hire fifteen to twenty new employees.

It's kind of ironic because before the building was a Toys 'R' Us it was a Grand Union grocery store.

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