Ex- Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of murder Tuesday, October 1. Guyger is guilty of entering, 26 year old, Botham Jean apartment and shooting him. According to testimony ( via TheNewYorkTimes ), Ms.Guyger was returning home from work when she accidentally parked on the wrong floor of her complex garage. Entering an apartment that she thought was hers, she noticed someone inside, she drew her gun shouted, "let me see your hands." She testified that Mr. Jean was walking towards her shouting, "hey" when she fired her weapon twice killing him.

"I was scared he was going to kill me." She tells the jury.

Reported from CNN, jurors rejected a lesser charge of manslaughter and found Amber Guyger guilty of murder. Botham was an accountant, just sitting at home enjoying his television and a bowl of ice cream when she killed him on September 6, of last year. She could face between 5 to 99 years in prison. Guyger is the first Dallas Police Department Officer to be convicted of murder since the 1970s, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Like any murderer the former Dallas cop should receive the maximum sentence of 25 to life for a murder charge. Prosecutors did an amazing job of pointing out the evidence which helped earned a guilty verdict. CBS Cameras was inside the courtroom as prosecutors challenges Amanda Guyger testimony of fairing for her life. [16:25] prosecutors quickly point out undeniable evidence of why the former officer could not have mistake her apartment for Mr.Jean. Prosecutors explained the different views from the 3rd floor [Guyger lived on] and the fourth floor which Mr. Jean lived on. The 4th floor you can see a Skyline, the third floor you do not, also he goes on to explain how Amber had to walk two long hallways passing 16 different apartments with the numbers [4] on each of them, [ Mr.Jean apartment was 1478 ]. On the 3rd floor [Amber Guyger lived] her neighbor has a large plant in front of her door, which she had passed the last two months of living in the complex. If that wasn't enough to realize she was on the wrong floor - Botham "BO" Jean had a bright red door matt in front of his door, Amber does not have anything in front of her door. Unfortunately his door unlock and she entered his messy, marijuana smell apartment. The exact opposite of her neatly conservative apartment is.

“This case looks very different than many of the other cases where juries have looked at black victims and not valued their lives,” said Rashad Robinson, the president of Color of Change, a racial justice organization.

With such great evidence against Amber Guyger and actually getting a murder conviction. I believe it does give the people in American, mainly African-Americans the faith and hope that Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, and Human Rights Matter. This is a big step toward the right direction of justice. Now we await for sentencing.

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