Albany High and Schenectady County Community College graduate Kuttmasta Supreme (not to be confused with our own DJ Supreme) had a major tragedy recently.

From the Go Fund Me site, Robert "DJ Nameless" Lewis writes:

"David Hayes, also widely known with his DJ name as Kuttmasta Supreme, recently was a victim of a intentionally set house fire.

"His hometown is Albany, NY and he currently resides in CT.

"Although him and his family made it out alive, they are currently displaced and lost just about all of their material possesions. They currently are staying in a motel until they find another residence.

"This effort is setup in order for those that know and care about him, and also for those that have a heart to help good people who are in need. We are attempting to raise enough funds so that they can get into another apartment and begin the process of getting back on their feet."

Lewis is attempting to raise $2,000 through donations and proceeds from a possible future Albany area event. In the meantime, you can donate using the widget below.