If you got it, you got it; it's just a matter of time before everyone else realizes it. Back in the day, a 15-year-old Foogiano had never rapped in his life, but one day, he went along with his little brother on a trip to the studio. Foogiano's little bro told him that if he could write poetry, which Foog was doing at the time, he could rhyme. So, the rapper gave it a go, liked the way his voice sounded and decided to focus on rap.

From there, Foogiano began performing around his hometown of Greensboro, Ga., but didn't take rap seriously until he went to jail in 2014, for burglary and robbery charges, getting out after three years. That unfortunate situation changed Foogiano's trajectory once he was a free man in 2017, and led to him putting out songs like "Molly (Baby Mama)" (42 million YouTube views and over 2 million Spotify streams) and "Trapper" (the remix of which with Lil Baby has 15 million YouTube views and over 2 million Spotify streams) in early 2020. The Down South rapper drummed up enough buzz to have Gucci Mane seek him out to join 1017 Records/Atlantic Records in March of this year.

But before that Gucci cosign came, Foogiano was putting in work. Once he got out from behind bars in 2017, that same year, Foogiano dropped "Gutta," a song that got his local buzz moving. He also began releasing his series of Gutta Baby mixtapes. The most recent of which is his third, which was released last October. That 2019 tape in particular features the two songs that changed Foogiano's life: the aforementioned "Molly (Baby Mama)" and "Trapper." "Molly (Baby Mama)" is about Foog's hustling abilities, but also his loyalty to the mother of his child—even when they're beefing. He has a unique tone to his voice, a refreshing bounce to his music and plenty of clever lyrics; it feels as if you never really know what he'll say next. The ominous energy of the song and just how fun of a listen it is made it blow up on YouTube. As for "Trapper," the track just bangs, and showcases his swift flow and confidence on the mic.

Both of these songs helped Foogiano win an Authentic Empire showcase in 2019; the prize was a deal with that label and $10,000. The rising rapper's network within Authentic Empire led to his connection with Atlantic Records; once he agreed to sign with Atlantic, Gucci gave him a call, and now he's under Wop's tutelage on the veteran rapper's label. This past summer, Gucci Mane introduced his newest 1017 Records artists—Foogiano being one of them—on the project Gucci Mane Presents: So Icy Summer, which dropped in July. He's featured on eight of the 24 tracks on the effort, including "Molly (Baby Mama)" and "Trapper (Remix)" featuring Lil Baby. With a quickly rising profile, Foogiano is preparing to drop his first official solo 1017 Records/Atlantic Records project, Gutta Baby, which releases on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26).

Ahead of the project's release, Foogiano talks to XXL via phone for this week's edition of The Break.

Age: 27

Hometown: Greensboro, Ga.

I grew up listening to: "When I was smaller, I just listened to what my people listened to. My people listened to a lot of ’Pac, OutKast. So, like that when I was little. When I got to middle school and I started listening to what I wanted to listen to, I listened to a lot of T.I., Lil Wayne, Gucci [Mane]. Gucci, T.I, that was who I really listened to. Drake is my favorite rapper. He can do anything. He reminds me of myself, really more than anybody."

My style’s been compared to: "Everybody. I got so many different styles. Y'all only know about 'Molly' and 'Trapper.' When my CD come out, and all that other shit come out, and y'all see how many styles I got..."

I’m going to blow up because: "I got kids now, thats why I do it. This what I gotta do for them. That's the only thing that keeps me goin' in this shit. I don't like the fame and all that. I don't like that shit, everybody in my face. If it wasn't for them, I prolly woulda signed that deal, got them M's and stopped. The attention is so aggravating. You can't do nothing without the world wanting to know. Can't go in the store without muthafuckas being all in ya face."

What’s your most slept-on song, and why?: "All of ’em. But you know how it is, they'll hear ’em. When somebody say something to me, thats a real fan. That shit I was making before? That was so fuckin' hard, oh my god. If somebody woulda been heard me, I woulda been signed. I been ready, I just didn't care about it. If back then, when I started, if a nigga woulda told me, 'We finna push you,' and I woulda took it serious, I probably would've been one of the hottest muthafuckas ever by now."

My standout records to date have been: "'Molly' my biggest song. It's just catchy, 'Baby mama ain't shit.' All the niggas in the world feel like that, and it's a club banger."

My standout moments to date have been: "Signing my deal. It was crazy. I never thought that shit would come. People that come from where I come from? It's more than a dream."

Most people don’t know: "I don't like this shit. I just do it for the money."

I’m going to be the next: "I ain't gon' be the next nothin'. What I'm gon' be nobody ever been."

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"Molly (Baby Mama)"

"Trapper (Remix)" featuring Lil Baby

"Ballin' On A Bitch" featuring Gucci Mane


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