A Florida rapper decided to get creative when he didn't have his driver's license to provide to a cop after being pulled over last week.

Volvique Louis Jean Jr. showed the Palm Beach County School District Police a mixtape with his name on it instead of his license after being stopped for suspicion of reckless driving, the Sun Sentinal reports.

According to police, Jean, Jr. sped into the bus loop at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach on Jan. 13. He was accompanied by two other vehicles, all of which narrowly missed hitting students. After school officers forced the cars to pull over in a golf cart, they asked Jean Jr., a former student at the school, for his license. Since Jean Jr. was driving with a suspended license, apparently he thought his music would be the next best way to identify himself. That's when he pulled out his mixtape as proof of ID -- the rap name featured on the tape has not been released.

Things went from bad to worse when Jean Jr. and the drivers in the other cars sped off, fleeing the scene. As a result, Jean Jr. was charged with eluding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and trespassing on school grounds. He was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on the same day of his arrest.

Take this as a lesson, rappers. Don't rely on a mixtape to save the day.

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