C’mon now, Flav, you’re getting too old for this nonsense! According to TMZ, Flavor Flav was arrested this morning for allegedly assaulting someone in his Las Vegas pad with a deadly weapon.

TMZ is reporting he got into an argument with his fiancé and a teenager at his crib. The woman called police after Flavorrr Flaaaavvvvv threatened one person with a knife and battered another. Whether he threatened/attacked his wifey-to-be or the teen is not known at this time.

He was arrested at 3am and is being charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence. He’s being held on $23,000 bail.

Flav has local ties to Albany resident, Angie Parker. We reported a story back in June regarding Flav’s unpaid child support. The incident has since been resolved.

We'll keep you posted with any further updates.

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