Fivio Foreign has some choice words for French Montana.

French recently ventured into the BK drill genre with his latest single, "That's a Fact," which features drill artist Mr. Swipey in the video. Apparently, Fivio believes French is being a culture vulture of sorts. On Sunday (April 26), he called out the "Pop That" rhymer on his Instagram Live.

Fivio doesn't believe French is giving Swipey a genuine look and thinks there are ulterior motives to him associating with the younger artist.

"You got Swipey spinning in your videos. Like if he some type of back-up dancer," Fivio vented. "Niggas don't understand what I understand. Niggas don't get it. You giving the nigga a little bit of money, probably, clothes, but you not putting on. If a nigga gon' put on, you gon' put on. You gon' do a song with a nigga. You not 'bout to have my son in videos dancing, spinning around to get your shit up like you part of the culture. You doing drill beats."

Fivio, who just released his latest project 800 B.C., went on to mention other artists who are dabbling in drill who have paid homage like Drake and Meek Mill.

He continued, "I see [French Montana] trying to be down, trying to do what niggas do. Cool, I'm not mad. Do what niggas do. But at the end of the day, put on for niggas."

See Fivio's full rant below.

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