Fivio Foreign is trending on Twitter after fans reacted negatively to his halftime performance during the Brooklyn Nets' season opener.

Tonight (Oct. 17), Fivio Foreign was selected as the halftime performer for the Brooklyn Nets' home opener against the New Orleans Pelicans. His set likely didn't go as planned, with apparent audio issues plaguing every moment. While Foreign was wearing what appeared to be in-ear monitors, he had trouble keeping up with the backtrack audio playing throughout the arena.

Almost immediately following his performance, Fivio began trending on Twitter with users voicing their displeasure at what they had just witnessed.

"If you’re illegally streaming this Nets game you know that this fivio foreign halftime performance is one of the worst things in history," one user wrote.

"Fivio foreign performing at the nets sounds like your friend trying to sing karaoke that don’t know the words," another explained.

Many people have brought up Fivio's past performances, wondering why he seems to consistently have audio issues.

"ngl fivio performance gave me ye concert vibes," a user voiced, referencing Kanye West's most recent album listening event for Donda 2 where Fivio's performance was also hindered by audio issues.

Numerous people have labeled Foreign's performance tonight the worst halftime show of all time.

You can see clips of Fivio Foreign's performance below, along with additional reactions from Twitter.

The "City of Gods" rapper was recently part of another unfortunate performance story when he brought out Ice Spice during his Rolling Loud New York set last month. Spice received backlash for rapping a few lines of her viral hit "Munch (Feelin' U)" and then twerking.

Watch Fivio Foreign's Brooklyn Nets Halftime Show Performance and See Reactions Below

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