What can Career Services provide you as a student/graduate?

1. Career Counseling
2. Resume Development
3. Interview and Job Preparation
4. Professional Development
5. Lifetime Placement Assistance

Resume Do’s and Don’ts (Resume tips)


  • Have all of your contact information on your resume
  • Have an active cell phone number
  • Have a professional email
  • Have at least three bullet points for the description of your positions


  • Use “I” on your resume
  • Put your references, salary, supervisor name, or employer phone number on your resume
  • Include your reason for leaving a position

Below is a list of other helpful sites for job searches and career information:

  • Capitalareahelpwanted.com
  • Monster.com
  • Careerbuilder.com
  • Indeed.com
  • Simplyhired.com
  • Albany.craigslist.com
The majority of jobs are now advertised online and companies require you to apply online! Companies may require you to fill out applications online and some may be lengthy, be patient and be sure to fill it out accurately and completely. Job searching sites require you to fill out a profile and upload your resume. After your profile is created you can apply for numerous positions with the click of a button.


The interview is how you get the job!

  • Be prepared and research the company
  • Dress professional
  • Women: suit, blouse, skirt (nothing above the knee), slacks, dress shoes
  • Men: suit, dress shirt, tie, slacks, dress shoes
  • Practice your soft skills: a positive attitude, be courteous, be clear in your speech (ums), maintaing good posture and eye contact, practice active listening, be confident (but not cocky) and always have a firm handshake
  • Showcase your skills (i.e. a portfolio)
  • Bring a copy of your resume

Interviewing Don’ts

  • No excessive cologne/perfume
  • No excessive make-up
  • Don't have a lackadaisical attitude
  • Don't reek of cigarette smoke
  • Don’t be late
  • Don’t fidget, no slouching
  • Avoid repetitive behavior (hair twirling, twiddling thumbs)
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Don't have your cell phone on