See Photos Below of an Upstate NY Gingerbread Display Getting National Attention!

If you travel enough parts of Upstate New York, you're sure to see some pretty outstanding Christmas light displays.  It seems as though during the pandemic many families have gone to the "Clark Griswold School" when it comes to holiday decorating.

Many businesses have gone all-out for Christmas too, and it's nice to see when one from Upstate gets the kind of recognition that Turning-Stone Casino and Resort in Verona received recently.

"Forbes Travel Guide has selected our Gingerbread Village as one of the best in the country. Congratulations to our Pastry team and all of our employees who helped continue this annual tradition."
-Turning Stone Casino Facebook

Forbes Loves the Display at Turning Stone Casino!

According to the very prestigious Forbes group, 14 hotels across the country were highlighted in an article that showcased some of the country's best hand-made gingerbread houses and displays.

Here's what they wrote about the sweet display that was created with over 6,000 gingerbread pieces, 2,500 Hershey Kisses, 1,500 pounds of frosting, and 480 white chocolate KitKat bars.

The Upstate New York hotel’s 70-foot-long Gingerbread Village contains eight towering buildings, including a hotel, barn, church, bakery, and train station with a moving locomotive. Given the staffing shortages in the hospitality industry, the pastry team recruited more than 30 employees from 20 different departments across the company to ensure this beloved tradition returned this year.  -Forbes 



One of Country's Sweetest: The Gingerbread Display at Turning-Stone Casino

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