California native Anthony Sanchez is getting a lot of heat because of a viral video, which captured him beating his stepson with a belt. The reason for his frustration is the boy missing a baseball while playing catch.

It’s one of the most traditional father-son bonding experiences – playing catch in the back yard. A game of catch at the Sanchez’s, however, is anything but traditional.

In the video recorded by a neighbor, you see Sanchez whip the boy 4 times with his leather belt. The neighbor eventually opens the window to confront the attacker. The neighbor sounded nervous as he spoke up but the message was clear: “if you want to teach someone a lesson, come teach me.”

I believe parents have a right to punish their children however they deem necessary. I’ve had my booty whooped by my parents quite a few times growing up. I deserved it and it made me who I am today.

The bottom line is, the kid dropped a baseball. He didn’t throw eggs at the neighbor’s house, he didn’t bully a classmate on facebook, he didn’t sneak a cigarette out of mommy’s purse. The kid dropped a damn ball! I guess I forgot to mention Sanchez is a little league baseball coach. Sorry that your boy isn’t the next A-Rod, pal. Keep your hands to yourself.