And that DJ would be me. Test me and see if I'm wrong.

This weekend (and the next 2 to 3 weekends) are going to be prime leaf-peeping season. If there's one season that rules in upstate New York, it's the fall. Personally, it's my favorite time of season because it's finally cooled down after a hot summer and it's not quite the frigid tundra we usually get in the winter.

But I think there's another benefit to taking a Northway drive from Albany up to the Adirondack region, and it's that time spent in the car, side by side, will give you and your sweetheart a chance to talk about difficult relationship issues. You know - those things that have been eating at you the past few weeks? Don't ignore them or "stuff" them down in your psyche. They're not going to go away. You have to "speak" them out in a kind, but respectful, way.

If you two love (or very much like) each other and your relationship is of utmost importance, there's something about the beauty of the leaves changing color to remind you that your problems, like the colors of the leaves in the trees, are only a season from changing. Leave those problems in the past and move on to the new season in your life, which, hopefully, will be one with better days ahead.

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