Oh, Drake, you charmer!

Drizzy visited Jimmy Kimmel on the host's late night show to promote his upcoming 2014 ESPYs hosting gig. He went all out and also dressed up as Fake Drake, complete with nerdy black specs, really thick hair and a huge beard to participate in a hilarious take on the show's 'Lie Witness News' segment, asking random people what they thought of Drake's ESPYs hosting gig last night.

Well, the ESPYs don't even happen until July, so let the bulls--t begin!

You have to be a good sport -- no pun! -- in order to interview people about yourself and listen to them diss, insult or talk smack about you. So big ups to Drake for being a consummate professional with a sense of humor about his image and himself in general with this 'I Witness News' sketch.

He asked one random person how they felt about Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes during the ESPYs. Don't even get us started on how people responded to the thought of Drake crying at the end of the ESPYs.

The best part is when a street musician performs a Drake diss, and even asks the rapper to hold his Starbucks for him while doing so.

Stick around for the end when Drizzy reveals his identity to one of the random folks who is a huge fan. So, like, how come the fan did not quickly discern it was Drake under the wig and beard? That adenoidal voice is unmistakable!

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