Enrique Iglesias sings that he’s discovered the girl he wants to spend his life with on ‘Finally Found You,’ his brand-new single.

The song features exactly the same dance-pop vibe of the singer’s recent hits like ‘I Like It’ and ‘Dirty Dancer.’ In fact, while Enrique’s last album was called ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Finally Found You’ may be his most euphoric song yet, with its fluttering synths and lyrics about eternal commitment.

Iglesias sings, “In this crazy world of choices I’ve only got a few / Either you’re coming with me, or I’m coming with you / Cause I finally found, I finally found you / You’ll never have to worry if I what I say is true / Girl I’ve been looking for you / And when I saw you I knew / That I finally found, I finally found you.

Iglesias often gives cameos to superstar rappers like Pitbull and Ludacris, but on ‘Finally Found You’ he turns the spotlight over to Sammy Adams, who raps about touring the world, getting drunk and hanging out with loads of girls all over him. That doesn’t necessarily fit the theme of the song, but chances are listeners will be so busy dancing they won’t notice the inconsistency.

‘Finally Found You’ is expected to appear on the follow-up to ‘Euphoria.’ One lucky fan who comments on the song on YouTube will win a phone call from Iglesias. His tour with Jennifer Lopez continues through early September.


Listen to Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Finally Found You’ Feat. Sammy Adams

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