Sure it's a classic cut now, but Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' didn't always sound like the finished version that we're all familiar with today.

In a short clip, the legendary rapper said he forgot that a demo version of the song ever existed until someone reminded him, and even then, he couldn't remember how it sounded or what he spit.

"There was another version of that song that I don't remember recording," he said. "I don't remember where I was at when I was recorded it. I don't remember any of the first verse. I don't remember it."

In the background of the interview, you can hear different lyrics to the song. "If I was frozen inside of a moment / If I could capture time inside a capsule then I could try to channel it through Cadillacs and Buicks / And that's when you hit the roof because you can't get through it," he spits on the original version.

Em's new two-disc album, 'Shady XV,' will be out Nov. 24.

Listen to Eminem's Demo Version of 'Lose Yourself'

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