Lady Gaga wasn't the only one to perform at the first-ever YouTube Music Awards in NYC this weekend. Eminem also performed his rapid-fire new smash 'Rap God.' Arcade Fire were on hand and offered a little twist when performing one of their songs, as well.

While Gaga sobbed during her perf of 'Dope,' Em spit rhymes in black and white, set against a plain, white backdrop at first. It then turned black.

It was a stark visual, but it needed to be, since the song is all about Em firing off hundreds of words and syllables without missing a beat or taking a breath.

Canadian rockers Arcade Fire were also a part of the event, with their song 'Afterlife' being performed with a different sort of visual. It's not what you think. You just have to watch it and see how they do it.

Since the first-ever YouTube Music Awards celebrated music portrayed in a visual medium, it was important that these performances had a strong, eyeball capturing aesthetic. And they didn't disappoint.

Watch Arcade Fire Perform 'Afterlife' at YouTube Awards