“All you damn kids with your loud music!” said every old person ever. But one AARP card-holder took out his frustrations in an extreme way last week. The Freedom of Expression Music and Arts Festival took place in Queensbury over the weekend, and a 75-year-old man who lives near the venue visited the event and voiced his displeasure by brandishing his trusty steel piece.

David Hubert drove up to event workers, blasted his car horn (he was probably driving one of those sweet cars with the vinyl roofs) and pulled a gun, according to the Times Union. Hubert felt that the event was violating a noise ordinance. Apparently not ALL old people lose their hearing.

Hubert was charged with menacing. He was also unofficially charged with smelling like a plastic-covered couch, being a buzzkill, having dangerously long ear hairs and excessive liver spots.