In the 1988 hit movie ‘Twins,’ Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as mismatched fraternal twins conceived experimentally. Now a sequel called ‘Triplets’ is planned — with Eddie Murphy playing the pair’s long lost sibling.

The new film, being developed by Universal and Montecito Picture Co., finds the original twins discovering they were actually part of a trio. And that’s where Murphy comes in.

While all three actors have signed on, the script hasn’t even been written yet, so the finished product is a long way off. The hunt is also on for a director — ‘Twins’ director Ivan Reitman is part of the project, but only as a producer (he’s one of the co-owners of Montecito Picture Co.).

The word “sequel” seems to be catnip to Universal these days. It’s also working on a follow-up to the 1988 movie ‘Midnight Run,’ with one of the original stars, Robert De Niro, attached. That film will be directed by Brett Ratner, whom you’ll recall was going to work on this year’s Academy Awards telecast until a very public dust-up saw him quit the gig.

Bringing the whole thing full circle? Ratner’s handpicked choice to host the show was Eddie Murphy. He, too, backed out, leaving the door open for Billy Crystal to step in and act as the Oscars emcee for the ninth time.